As end my high school sports career at Punahou, I realize that I have been very blessed on my journey. My sports experiences with traveling to different states around the country to winning games here on Oahu, but another significant experience was by winning five state championships while I was playing at Punahou.

One thing I believe that kept me successful in my game was my belief in God. Throughout my years here from my freshman year being apart of winning a state title in baseball brought me to believe that God brought me to this school for a purpose. By believing in God,it gives you that extra sense of hope that God is on your side. It gives you that extra sense of belief that He wants you to succeed and that Gods wants your team to win. When you think about this topic of God helping you out on the field you believe it more and more especially when you hit your end result of championship.

What I mean by that is even though you may lose some games during the season, you must still trust in God because I believe He is testing your faith. I believe that once you lose faith that God is still on your side He cannot bless you. I believe that your blessing is a "win" and what I mean by having faith is what I like to believe is when you have complete trust or confidence in God. I believe that my faith has brought me to where I am.

A perfect example would be the Punahou baseball team within the last two tears where their season was completely down the drain, but they didn't give up in their dream of winning a state championship. Within these two years, it was very clear that there were better teams than them, but I believed that my complete trust that God was just testing us in the season and the fact that the team didn't give up, He blessed us by giving the team an opportunity to win. They played teams that they have loss too during the regular season and for some great reason, they have managed to beat them in the tournament.

In conclusion, whatever you would like to call it, whether is a mystical energy from the spiritual realm or luck. I would like to say it is God who is watching over me and the fact that I have complete faith in Him. He hasn't let me down. There has been setbacks and disappointments, but I didn't stay there. I believe that my best days are ahead of me and God will be there to guide my journey in sports. Another chapter has closed in my life and another one is about to be written.